UX design is as critical as the Grab Clone App’s code. Pay close attention to ensure you retain a lot of potential customers. However, it’s easy to make mistakes in the app development landscape. This blog has been put together to highlight some of the most common mistakes UX designers make and how to avoid them.


Today, the mobile application market is highly competitive, and the demand for such many services continues to increase. With many options for where to shop and what services to use, people will save time navigating difficult apps. Let’s understand this in the context of Grab Clone App.

What is a Grab Clone App?

Grab Holdings Inc. is a Malaysian technology company based in Singapore. It developed a mobile app for ride-hailing, food delivery, and digital payments that operates in several Southeast Asian countries. Moreover, Grab Clone App is Southeast Asia’s first decacorn and largest tech startup.

The success of Grab has inspired many entrepreneurs and companies to create “Grab clone app” that aim to replicate its model. Moreover, these apps seek to provide similar all-in-one services for ride-sharing, food delivery, and payments within specific regions.

Creating an effective Grab clone app requires extensive development to build user-friendly apps for customers, drivers/delivery partners. Therefore, many Grab clones also attempt to differentiate themselves through specialized services, more attractive commissions, or local partnerships.

Top UX Mistakes in a Grab Clone App

Building a Grab Clone app takes a lot of resources and time. Entrepreneurs who do not see beyond the obvious are the ones who end up failing with their projects. Therefore, even experienced designers and developers do their best to keep users interested and happy. Retaining your audience is vital, as friction can cause users to abandon your app. However, many Grab-like apps need help with design and are sloppy with UX. Let’s understand these mistakes in detail.

User Onboarding

The biggest problem is that many apps try to include more than one onboarding flow. This needs to be clarified and is usually a mistake. Fortunately, there is a better way to onboard your users. A much better solution is a short, focused onboarding process that guides users through all the basic tasks needed to start using your app.

To do this, onboarding must follow the basic user flow and only the basic user flow. Onboarding focuses on critical tasks so that users enter or start using your app and know what to do when they register for the first time. An onboarding process can eliminate much friction between registering and launching your app.

Confusing UX with Design

The concept of design is not limited to appearance but also to functionality. This is because many companies need to think that usability refers to how something looks or feels. However, usability is more than just aesthetics. It’s about making things easy to read and understand. So, when it comes to design, the key to creating a user-friendly interface in a Grab Clone is to focus on the basic elements.

These elements constitute the basis of a functional and intuitive design. Start by focusing on what’s important and understanding how your users will interact with everything else. This means identifying the key features and ensuring they are easy to understand and use. The simpler these elements are, the better your interface will be.

Building for a Single Platform

The app development industry has become so intertwined that it takes time for people to keep up with what they want to use. Many apps are created as more robust alternatives to previous ones. As a result, many companies limit their app UX to a single platform or operating system to build their product. This is a mistake. They think building and launching their app on a single platform is enough because that is where most users are.

Afterward, they realize that they have to move from one platform to another, which can be extremely costly, not to mention the resources required. That’s why more is needed to have a good design team behind your product. You also need the right technical experts to help you build for the future. You have to know what is coming and be prepared for it. The more agile the technical development, the more your application will be adaptable.

No Integrated Search

Grab Clone App is an All-in-one Delivery app. In other words, it contains multiple services packed into one platform. Some popular ones include booking a taxicab and food, grocery, pharmacy, parcel deliveries, etc. Therefore, it’s worse when there is a lot of content available and there is no possibility of searching through it.

Without an integrated search function, the user can easily get frustrated. An integrated search without any filters will result in a page full of low-quality search results. And that’s almost as bad as being unable to perform a search. Not finding a choice of products or desired information within the app will drive users away.

Poor integration

A seamless mobile app integration process is required for the app to be fully functional. Your app must be able to connect to different in-built technologies, like GPS, Mic, etc., and devices, ensuring seamless performance. This is incredibly vital for your Grab Clone business. For example, when a customer books a cab from the user app, the driver app should be able to instantly accept the request and reach the location.

The same is done for on-demand apps. Therefore, proper beta testing is necessary, as it will reveal most of the issues that users will face, combined with insights from real-life users. Therefore, you will be able to solve most of the initial problems.

Architecting the Wrong Way

Before moving on to the development phase, it’s best to map out the user flow and format of the application. Your design may look fantastic when you pay attention to the necessary navigation and user experience within the app. Still, it will be a pain. Therefore, you should outline the flow of your application before worrying about design details such as font size or color scheme. Once you move into the app design phase, always keep the flow in mind.

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Often, entrepreneurs take it upon themselves to design the app before hiring a professional development team for further implementation. However, hiring a professional white-label firm to launch your Grab Clone app business is best. You don’t have to get involved in the app’s design and development. Check the demo and choose the app with the best UX.